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A short note about CHBT

CHBToken has been developed without any ICO or Crowdfunding. We are a small team and any development is self funded. We aim to develop new features around CHBToken with real usages for personal and business users.
What we will not do is: Provide a fancy Whitepaper no one understands, run an ICO or Crowdfunding, make a useless 10 year project plan in crypto of what may be.
What we will do is: Develop features which are useful for personal and business users.
Would you like to support us?: All we ask is follow us on Twitter and be part of it -

CHBT on Graviex

You can now trade CHBT on Graviex Exchange


CHBT on Stex

You can now trade CHBT on Stex Exchange


CHBT is in the process of applying for Virtual Crypto Currency Exchange & Virtual Crypto Wallet License Approval

CHBT is in the process of applying to become an official supplier with recognised financial approval status within the EU for:
Licensed Provider of exchange service for virtual currency against fiat currency.
Licensed Provider of virtual currency wallet service.

Status: ON HOLD

Sign Only or Upload & Sign Your Documents

CHBToken V5 allows you to not only transfer and pay with CHBTokens but also to sign and upload files (of up to 1000MB per file) for proof of ownership and to confirm the authenticity of the file.

You can even add a contract add-hoc to CHBToken from directly within the wallet.

CHBToken Document Signing

Sign your documents or contracts with CHBToken technology.

Know exactly what you'll pay and stay in control.

Store your document with CHBTPaygate Blockchain or simply sign a file.

2.5 mil+


60 Seconds



Per File Upload

1MB Encryption Key

Encrypted File Storage

Sign and Upload Documents

Sign your documents with CHBToken and prove they are original at low cost.

5.00 EUR per file for signing (per year).
5.00 EUR per 10MB for file signing & upload (per year).
Flexible length of storage option available.

Secure encrypted storage within the CHBTPaygate Blockchain

Visa Card payment option

In wallet option to purchase CHBToken directly with your Visa Card.

Secure, fast and receive CHBToken directly in your wallet as needed.

We use an integration of stripe for visa card payment.

Trade on Exchanges

Trade CHBToken on an exchanges or buy directly from an exchange.

CHBToken prices can go up and down. Trade sensibly. The developers of CHBToken will never advice you to buy or sell CHBToken. Nor will the Developers ever speculate on where the price may go.

Certified by CHBT Trust Authority

Files which have been signed with CHBToken will receive a certificate to verify the authenticity of the signed files.

The Transaction ID can be checked within the CHBToken explorer and the Hash can be verified via the CHBT Trust Authority.

The QR code can be scanned using a mobile device to view the certificate on the CHBT Trust Authority section.


Sign files directly within the CHBT Wallet

Files can be directly signed within the CHBT wallet and you can verify the authenticity of a file at any given time during the validity period you have selected.

Sign files for between 1 and 10 years with an option to extend the period thereafter.


Sign files and upload directly within the CHBT Wallet

Sign files of up to 1000MB per file and upload to CHBTPaygate.

Share the file with others using the "Prepare Sharing" option and secure it with a strong password


Purchase CHBT directly via Credit Card

Don't have an Exchange Account? No problem!

You can now purchase CHBT using your Credit Card (between 10 and 500 EURO) and receive the CHBT directly in your Wallet.


View your signed file information from within the CHBT Wallet

Have the signed file information available all the time from directly within your CHBT Wallet.


Simple Installation

The installation of CHBToken Wallet has been simplified.

The CHBT Installer V5 contains all dependencies you need to run CHBToken Wallet on your windows system.

With a few clicks, the CHBToken Wallet is installed. Once installed the CHBTLauncher will check automatically if you are running the latest version of CHBToken Wallet and will ensure that you are always up to date.


CHBTokenDOC Security

All files uploaded are fully encrypted while stored on the CHBTPaygate Blockchain

Open source on Github

CHBToken Wallet is open source and available on GitHub

Stake at 0.06 CHBToken

Stake functionality to earn 0.06 CHBToken per valid stake


Fixed costs for file signing and file signing with storage on the CHBTPaygate Blockchain

Credit Card Payment

CHBToken Wallet has built in Credit Card Payment facilities

Up to 1000MB per File Upload

Enabled for up to 1000MB per file siging and storage

Free Wallet

Free CHBToken Wallet available to download for private and business users (for Windows Systems)


The CHBToken wallet with Chronium implemented

Option for Private Chain

Option for businesses to run their own private CHBTPaygate Blockchain

Start using CHBToken NOW

Download CHBToken for Windows now from GitHub and start using it right away. Don't be left out!


CHBToken Overview

Quick overview of CHBToken & CHBTPaygate Blockchain

Simple Usage

Using CHBToken Wallet is as simple as 1,2,3 

Unlimited Updates

Receive free updates for the CHBToken Wallet and new features as they are implemented

Sign Documents and Upload

Sign your contracts or documents with CHBToken and store them online in the CHBTPaygate Blockchain.

Gain the ability to prove and verify a contract or document at a moment's notice.

Core Features

Main features of CHBToken and CHBTPaygate Blockchain

CHBToken Blockchain

Token Specification

  • Initial Amount: 2.5 Million only
  • Increase: 0.06 CHBToken per successful Stake
  • Block Time: 60 Seconds
  • Maturity: 501 Blocks
  • Transfer Maturity: 10 Blocks
  • Transfer Speed: Virtually instant
  • Protocol: 60018
  • First Block on: 2017-10-16 17:36:01
  • Type: POS 3.0
  • Transaction fee: 0.0001 CHBT

Block Explorer

The official Block Explorer for CHBToken is: 


CHBToken can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges 

Open Source

CHBToken is open source and can be downloaded from GitHub.

Auto Update

As of Wallet V5 there is no need to manually download Wallet Updates.

V5+ from CHBToken Wallet will automatically check for any new updates during Wallet Startup.

If an update is available your Wallet will be automatically updated to the latest version.

CHBTPaygate Blockchain

CHBTPaygate Blockchain

The secondary CHBTPaygate Blockchain is fully integrated with the CHBToken Blockchain and is responsible for storage and signing of documents. 

Dynamic Block Sizing

CHBTPaygate Blockchain has dynamic blocksizing and is not limited by fixed block sizes and thus avoids the issues that many other coins or tokens suffer.

Sign Documents and Upload

Sign your contracts or documents with CHBToken and store them online up to 1000 MB per file.

Be able to prove and verify a contract or document at any time

Automatic Rate Conversion

The cost for signing or signing with upload with signing is automatically converted to CHBT from EUR. The fees for signing or signing with upload will always stay the same


CHBTPaygate Blockchain has encryption option of up to 1MB Key for documents which have been signed and uploaded.

Documents within CHBTPaygate can only be viewed by users with the correct rights and access keys.

Closed Source

The CHBTPaygate blockchain is closed source and is not part of the CHBToken open source blockchain.

The closed source can be purchased for an annual fee by businesses users wishing to deploy their own private instance of CHBTPaygate.

CHBToken Pricing

With CHBToken, you as customer always know what you pay. As CHBToken has a fixed fee structure you are not exposed to market fluctuations.

The fees for signing or upload and signing are fixed in EURO and converted to CHBT automatically. You will only ever pay the prices stated below.







5.00 EURO

10.00 EURO

Per Year

Day Rate


5.00 EURO

15.00 EURO

Per Year

Day Rate


5.00 EURO

20.00 EURO

Per Year

Day Rate


5.00 EURO

25.00 EURO

Per Year

Day Rate


5.00 EURO

30.00 EURO

Per Year

Day Rate


5.00 EURO

35.00 EURO

Per Year

Day Rate

After the initial 10MB file size on Signing and Upload the fee increases by 5.00 EURO per 10MB of file size. 

We allow up to 1000 MB per file on upload and sign

Unlimited file size on sign only.

Can't see the chequered flag with your own Blockchain development?

Talk to us and see how we can help you with your own private blockchain setup utilizing our inhouse CHBTPaygate Blockchain technology.

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